Gear I want..

Being an avid gear addict – I admit it ok – I always have an eye open for my next purchase. When I say gear addict I mean I want to have all the gear necessary for the type of fishing that I do. I have pretty much reached that point. I have my Orvis Superfine 4 weight, my Sage SLT 5 weight, my bamboo 4 weight, my Loop 8/9 weight to name but a few. Essentially, rods wise I am now totally kitted out. I could always do with a new ultra lightweight reel however it is not really necessary.

That being said I do have a few items I would like to get.

A Float Tube

I am not a big fan of boats, sure I love it but I am just too much of a tight arse to pay £25 every time I want to go out on a boat on a loch. The simple answer is to buy myself a float tube – a good one at that which will last and I reckon will pay for itself within a couple of years. I want to try and get one for next season.

I quite fancy this one from Sportfish


A Barometer/Compass/Altimeter Watch

I like gadgets ok.

I have noticed with my Pike fishing that they tend to go off the feed because of approaching weather systems. Certainly I have noticed the same with my trout fishing. I would like to make a more detailed note of temp, wind direction and atmospheric pressure. Yes – I am a geek.

I have seen a few on Ebay. and for that matter on Amazon

Suunto Vector - Black

That is it really – I cannot think of anything really that I need or want….ohh…maybe a wee dinky bag to fish light actually…good grief will this madness never end? 



  1. SimonGraham · November 1, 2008

    Funny that I am just writing something similar about reels at the mo.I’m also a stickler for gadgets although many are out of my reach.Like the look of the float tube from Sportfish. I acquired four for our business in the spring from Creek company in the States.
    They look quite similar in design and shape features.What I have found particularly handy is the back compartment for small cooler bags and my depth finder’s waterproof battery box.
    Its bloody comfortable as well.Think about a extra rod holder for it too.
    It has brought a whole new meaning to my fishing as I have been able to access tucked away lakes found deep in the forests that I would generally have just turned a blind eye to.
    Happy shopping
    Happy shopping

  2. KBarton10 · November 1, 2008

    Float tubes are completely decadent – akin to sitting in a lounge chair all day, and with the proper back support you’ll wonder how you survived without it.

    Grab a set of light “booties” rather than the traditional wading shoes – and remember to walk backward once the fins are on, I failed that test on the maiden voyage went arse over tip in the shallows (to the glee of my seasoned colleagues).

  3. Alistair · November 1, 2008

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Simon – as an aside – I am totally blown away by the pictures of the Pike on your site – the colours are amazing, very dark – you get a lot of pike like that?
    I like the look of that tube- it is about half the price of the one over here although I suppose I would then need to add on import duty etc – will just need to wait and see

    KBarton10 – how much float tubing do you do over there? What kind have you got?

  4. SimonGraham · November 1, 2008

    Cheers Alister,
    Yes plenty are quite dark,in the comments section of that colour differentiation blog I found some interesting studies done on colour adaption and predator movements in peaty lakes.interesting stuff.
    Yeh ! think all four set me back with accessories,(rod holders,spare fly bags,shoulder straps) just under
    1250 euros with postage.not bad and they work a dream.

    KBarton10 actually I have used them quite a lot this yr with clients but I mainly use mine once a week.I will be posting a blog shortly about them and how useful they have been when fishing on smaller lakes I find in the forests here.
    Keep tuned.

  5. James Mann · November 1, 2008

    I sometimes live for my next purchase, especially if it’s for one of my hobbies. Float tubes were on the list about 6 years ago or longer and then a second one so I could take a friend with me on my little fishing trips around the province. They are so convenient.

    That’s a cool watch and one I would love to have, but does it tell time as well. Ha 🙂

  6. Michael Woo · November 1, 2008

    Just had a thought abotu float tubes. The friendly folk at Cafaro’s Brother’s were having a clearout and I am sure they have a couple of float tubes going for good value.

  7. Paul R · November 1, 2008

    You should have titled this post ‘Dear Santa’

    I take it your Mrs/Family were the target audience?
    What’s wrong with the old ‘leaving the catalogue’ open technique?

  8. Ed · November 1, 2008

    Float tubes also cause a lot of leg and foot injuries. I used one once and really strained a foot. A friend of mine injured a knee rather badly. He canot use a tube anymore. Several friends have strained or sprained various parts of their bodies, usually below the belt.

    Most of my friends who started out with float tubes ended up with pontoon boats, canoes, kayaks, or John boats.

    Take care,

  9. Rick Passek · November 1, 2008

    I have had MANY float tubes over the years. I live in BC Canada, I am a Guide, Flyfishing Instructor, and Writer of flyfishing books and articles, and I must say you picked one nice model if that is what you end up going with.
    There is nothing better than sitting on a nice lake in a float tube. I, unfortunately can’t use a float tube anymore due to to many major surgeries on my knee, but If I could, I would still use one.

    Rick Passek

  10. kbarton10 · November 1, 2008


    I use a Outcast Super Fat Cat – keeps you nearly dry above water and has a wonderful supported backrest. I’ve used a number of others, I just replaced my aging tube with the Fat Cat this season. I’m most pleased with it so far.

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