Furled leader

Furled leader arrived yesterday, and im having a play about with it and reading the instructions. I have to apply a short lengh of line to the furled leader as an extender to attach the actual tippet to. Sounds fair enough! But I have been having a little problem here. I was having a little practise to make sure that it was all going well and my clich knot seems pretty weak. I was using 4lb mono and using that improved clich knot……this is taken from Fly Anglers online
clinch knot improved
When i gave it a good pull, it always snapped at the knot. I dont know whether it is my actual knot or whether its my line….over a season old…but something isnt right somewhere.!!


  1. Ken · April 3, 2004

    I wouldn’t use a clinch knot there – even if it hold it will probably cut the furled leader.
    Instead – tie a loop in the end of your tippet using a surgeon’s knot then attach via
    loop to loop.
    4lb mono sounds a bit fine (6x?) – I’d use 6lb or more (around 3X) and finish it with a
    small tippet ring on the other end – you can use a clinch knot to attach that.
    Don’t forget to wet the knot before drawing it tight – that’ll help too.

  2. Karol · April 3, 2004

    I’m using loop-to-loop connection as well and now when I’m thinking about it the only difference might be better energy transfer when you use improved clinch knot. Never had any problems with loop2loop…

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