Fun with the glue.

Pretty sure I have written before about evostick and it’s ability to mend wading boot felt soles. I did not realise I would have to actually glue the whole sole back on to a boot however I spent an hour last night doing just that. Good job too as I noticed the other boots sole was coming away at the heel. Typical.

Might look messy..

Look, I don’t go fishing to look good so I,don’t really care if it looks a bit messy. Then, seeing as how I had the glue out I stick the top joint of my beachcaster in the goop and popped on a new top ring as the last one flew off for some reason.

Dipping my rod..

I have left it drying in position, the kids are asking to go shark fishing (as in dogfish) so guessed the sooner the better.

Drying happy.

Next outing is being planned…..


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