Friday Frolickers!

It was one of those days that had everything going for it – good pals, half decent weather and a fairly good fishing  pass allowing me to access a few fishing spots. However, it turned out to be one of those days that turned into “its not just about catching fish” 

The craft...

The craft…

First up was a Pike trip to the big loch, we had to change our actual destination on the loch due to signs on all the fields asking all anglers to bugger off due to lambing so we bolted around to the other side of the loch. Alex had new fins after his last disaster with his Snowbee fins snapping on him. I decided to get myself some new fins as well – Hollis were kind enough to send me a pair of their Hollis F-2 Techincal Diving Fins..

Even though I had new better fins and was travelling faster than last time, Alex still managed to power down the loch ahead of me – rather than the fins we put this down to my being a fat bastard as opposed to anything to do with the fins themselves. I must say these fins felt great and seemed to provide a lot of power when kicking.

As I bobbed along I mused about the changes that may be festooned upon us in the fishing world. After Alex Salmond opened the fishing season on the Tay he used the opportunity to announce a major review of the management of salmon and freshwater fisheries to ensure they are “robust, sustainable and fit for purpose in the 21st century”  This is of course all made a bit of a joke by 

“What was made clear was that the issue of salmon farming did not enter Mr Thin’s remit of his Wild Fisheries Review. “

So essentially the main threat to wild fish stocks around farmed salmon causing disease and the decline of the population will not be discussed.

Alex salmond

Alex salmond – he is after your cash!

Of course what this will all lead to in my expert opinion of someone with a website that writes a lot of opinions is that a rod licence will be introduced. Not that this would be a bad thing  if the money actually went towards assisting the fisheries however realistically all that would happen is the money would be absorbed by some government agency as a bit of a bonus income. The fishing clubs would probably be used to enforce this by making you show your license before you can buy your permit. However the downside for clubs is that lots of people would just  stop  buying a permit probably.

Ideally it would stop the headbangers from simply just turning up somewhere and fishing as you would have to be “licensed” before you bought a permit however in reality the law abiding folk would foot the bill and the headbangers would still fish without one. It is a bit like the no drinking in public spaces law, I am unable to have a beer on a sunny day in the park without a stern talking to  however a group of hoodlums will get steaming drunk without being collared.

The SNP had in their manifesto they would scrap all student debt which resulted in every student and anyone with a student loan voting for them 10 years ago. Why then have I been paying my student loan for the last 10 years when they got in power?

Anyway, Alex managed one pike and I trawled around for a bit seeing nothing.

We decided to head to the Kelvin in the afternoon now that the temperature was up a bit. I am not sure if you remember Friday however it was pretty warm and bright so we chose a shaded part of the river.

Alex hauling them in...

Alex hauling them in…

While I wandered about catching nothing Alex as normal caught a few lovely trout with one being shy of a pound. I meanwhile should have heeded my own advice and should have stuck to the slow water and instead headed up the river only to find another angler who it appeared had been fishing down and across. He had obviously just fished through all the pools that I wanted to fish.

The Dog Pool

The Dog Pool – me at the pool between dog walkers!

Their was a few green leaves on the trees and some lovely dippers were flying up and down the river.

The wee Dipper!

The wee Dipper!

We decided to change venue and move up the river so I cut up through the woods. Of course no visit to the Kelvin would not be complete without a weird find…

I am no expert but those leaves look weird!

I am no expert but those leaves look weird!

Something tells me that this was not wee Mrs McGlunkers washing!

We moved up the river after meeting Paul Reid the association secretary.

Paul Reid

Paul Reid

He caught bugger all as well!

Next session out? No idea!

It is my 40th birthday next weekend and am feeling decidedly old – you can buy me something off my amazon wishlist if you are a millionaire! and have it sent straight to my house if you like 🙂

You guys been enjoying the Spring?





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  1. Jim Burns · April 19, 2014

    Sorry could not make it along had to work. Out on the Kelvin tonight caught three lost four one was a massive take but was gone as quick as it had taking the fly. Best was just over the 1/2lb mark.
    Watched a pair of blue tits coming and going from their nest in a hole in a riverbank wall. The kingfishers were zipping up and down the river adding a splash of colour as they went by.
    It was a good couple of hours just before the light went.

  2. Chuck Graves · April 19, 2014

    You’re turning 40!? Lordy I FEEL REALLY OLD THEN, you young bastard. Jeeeez, 40, your a wee baby in my book. I’ve got fishing gear older then you are. I guess it’s all down hill from here for you now. Next you’ll be tell’n us you’re going through a mid-life crisis or something. If you do here’s my advice, for what it’s worth, get shit faced, by some expensive fishing gear, and then get shit faced again. Oh and kiss your family when you come too. Then go fishing. But not in that order.

  3. Alistair · April 19, 2014

    Sounds great Jim , you were missed! Sounds like a good session on the k last night!