Freezing Cold, Rain and One Crazy Ass Pike

Cold, wet, miserable – due to, well cold, wet and windy weather – there I was at the loch side at 0600. I stayed in the car until 0700 – only getting out the car when the first rays of light managed to break through the thick fast moving clouds.

I nearly turned back after the first few casts – I was trying out my new Loop rod though so I wanted to catch a Pike. Nothing was happening – even when I moved to a bay that usually fishes well in high wind. I began to suspect the Pike were just not feeding, or if they were they were not targeting moving fish as their lateral line was being messed around with due to the heavy rain.

Still, just to prove there is always one crazy pike in the place one was caught by another pike angler – on the fly as well. He was much chuffed as this was his personal best.




Now here is what I found interesting, this guy was a die hard coarse angler and used to handling pike – you see it s the whole ethos of pike angling – as soon as the pike was landed it was into a bag to be weighed and then an area prepared for a photo opportunity.

I just don’t think trout anglers are as geared up and as organised as that to be honest – also it is that big fish mentality – with trout you just don’t care what size they are (at least I don’t) I am as happy seeing and releasing an 8 inch trout as I am a 12 inch trout – anything bigger and it is a real sense of achievement.

With Pike fishing it is definitely size matters – you laugh at the wee cheeky chappy that had a go at your fly and you smile at the Jack of a few pounds – when you get a big one – you know there are bigger ones and you want to keep on going until you get one.

I was also envious of his neoprenes as while my teeth were chattering and legs going slowly numb he seemed oblivious – I am going to combat that little problem by investing in a pair of long johns!


  1. john stirling · October 4, 2008

    what is your favorite trout stream or river in Western Scotland?

  2. Andy C · October 4, 2008

    nice fish m8

  3. Campbell S · October 4, 2008

    Get long johns and a pair of polartec fleece trousers, then you can come grayling fishing with me when its really cold and survive!

  4. Highcountry · October 4, 2008

    Excellent stuff, man!

  5. Alistair · October 4, 2008

    Hi John – thanks for commenting – its a hard question to answer as there are so many – I would say the Kelvin just for sheer originality due to the fact the river runs through the city – I would say that was my “home river” the one I compare every other one too. For sheer pleasure though my favourite has got to be the Clyde – there is just so much of it and you will always be able to find somewhere to fish in even the harshest condtions 🙂

    Campbell – I am getting some thermal long johns for this weekend coming 🙂

    Thanks for commenting Highcountry.

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