Four of em’

Ok, Saturday was pretty awesome as I caught that big Pike that I don’t have a picture of unfortunately – however Sunday was just as awesome as I caught 4 (landed 2) – if they were all put together and then doubled, the new pike would be still half the size of yesterdays.

Anyway, lots of excitement in a short period of time – I caught one at this platform – casting close into the side, I noticed a disturbance in the water just next to where my fly hit the water and on the second cast the pike slammed into it. I watched a Jack chasing my fly and when it finally hit it basically fluffed it.

The pike just looked at the fly so I started to twitch it slowly away and then it pounced again this time staying on. Fantastic fun – even though these are just wee jack pike, I don’t think the biggest one today even reached a pound and a half; they put up an enjoyable scrap on the fly rod – plenty of acrobatics!

5 comments to Four of em’

  • James

    Glad to see someone has caught a pike down there. I must get down there again this weekend. The platforms are just across the canal from where I live, but I’ve never had any luck with pike there. I’ve seen jacks caught in the basin a few yards away, though. On worms, of all things…

  • scott

    glad to see sport is picking up! makes me a bit more optimistic about my trip tomorrow

  • Hi James – I was supised to catch those jacks there as those platforms are usually full of people fishing….

    Scott- good luck – if you catch another one let us all know!

  • scott

    no joy whatsoever today, one bite early on but that produced nothing. But tomorrow as they say is a different day and im gonna hit the canal with a vengeance, fly rod in hand in an attempt to tame a beast!

  • Attack Full Force Scott…..