Fly Tying – Milngavie Style!

So I decided I needed some contact with other anglers and the best place for that was at the fly tying class along at Milngavie (rather than standing in the freezing cold chasing Grayling, some people might say actual fishing for a change) – an added bonus was that Jim from Palewatery was visiting to show a couple of Kelvinators how to tie his extended bodies.

Here he is the man himself giving instruction..he is a bloody patient guy to be honest (all this after travelling bloody miles on the train) – I found it difficult tying up foam body extended bodies never mind using glue and thread..

Milngavie Fly Tying Night

And it is not even the glue you get high on either.

All in all a great night – if being a new father did not force me to go to bed at around 8pm I would go every week.

By the way – if you are thinking of taking up fly tying and stay in the west of the city (or Wishaw and fancy travelling many miles) the night is on a Thursday in Milngavie library – check out this link for more info.

North Glasgow Fly Dressers

I can honestly say that if it was not for this club I would not be able to tie up the flies I do today – I mean sure they are pretty shit however they catch fish, after a fashion #grin#


  1. Jockayethenoo · February 22, 2010

    I think this is the bit when he was explaining to me which end of the vice the hook goes in 8-(

    who’s that dubious character beside him doing his nails??? 😎

  2. Squigster · February 22, 2010

    To me it looks like Alistair was just taking another picture of his vice, and some stuff crept into the background!!!

  3. JimL · February 22, 2010

    You’ve been found out Alistair.

    Might have told me last week you were posting this…. I’d have shaved. 🙂

  4. Alistair · February 22, 2010


    moany gits!

  5. Ross_M · February 22, 2010

    How much is it to attend these evenings, and what equipment etc do you need to bring?

    I have never attempted tying flies yet but would like to give it a go.

  6. Alistair · February 22, 2010

    Hi Ross – the evenings cost £3 – contact Alberto Laidlaw at

    He will tell you what you need – the club also has a site at

    Hope this helps – for more info dive into the forum !

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