Fly Tying and Charles Jardine

Well, what a cracking night. The night was arranged by the West of Scotland Flydressers and Mr Jardine was damned good I must say. He was exactly what one would expect from a proffessional Fly Fisherman….ie better than you and he knows it.
The patter was class::

Charles now this rafia …..has anyone used it?
first bloke yes, ive used it tying the thoraximijig on my zoobydoo fly
second bloke Ive used it for the boonga nymph
third bloke Ive used it to tie up the pressies at crimbo

You couldnt make this stuff up 🙂
Obviously I made up the names of the flies……it was bloody class!!

Funny actually, I met a guy when i was standing on a bridge gazing down at the Kelvin, I was early so was killingtime. He was carrying a fly rod. He said he had made it himself but was just practising anyway. Told him to have gander at the site and send me an email as he was going to be buying a new rod.

Mr Jardine……Charles Jardine You may be English and a have a vice that cost the price of a second hand car…..but still…… I salute you sir!!!