Fishing Pro Tip – What to wear under your breathable waders?

Chaps, I am about to give you the best tip you have ever heard so pay attention.

Those just starting out fly fishing and wearing breathable waders often wonder what the hell they should wear under the things. Some people wear jeans, walking trousers, shorts(during summer) and other miscellaneous outdoor wear. If this is you then I am about to change your life, get yourself a pair of these bad boys:

Obviously you can buy plain ones!

Obviously you can buy plain ones!

I picked up a pair of thermal ones for a tenner from Marks & Spencer however you can y [amazon_link id=”B005WA5P3K” target=”_blank” ]buy them off Amazon for very cheap.[/amazon_link]

The reason I like them are:

  • In normal season temps you are neither too hot or cold.
  • As they fit so close to your body there is no chaffing at all – the added bulk of jeans or other trousers will put strain on the seams of your waders so wearing longjohns may make them last longer.
  • While fishing you are extremely comfy – I cannot describe to you how you will feel the first time you head out with your longjohns – everyone will wonder why you are smiling.
  • That’s it !

What I do is put them on in the house and then drive to the river and put on my waders. I have been stopped by the police while coming home from fishing and the good officers did not even bat an eyelid as I sat in the back of their car in my longjohns with no ID. Obviously an angler reeks of sheer manliness so we can get away with wearing them and showing them off at all times.

Buy a pair and wear a pair – you can think me when you meet me!


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  1. JP2 · March 12, 2013

    Hmmmmm……Look like pjama bottoms to me,therefore cotton and while comfy when dry,if you take a splash and ship water inside your waders….not good…at all…..Find some polywhatever running tights…just as snug and will keep ya dry.