Fishing = Good looking Wives and Girlfriends

So a few people have posted pictures of their better half’s on their blogs and I have came to a startling conclusion (although I have suspected it for some time) – Fisherman have better looking wives and girlfriends than anyone else.

North Country Angler

Pike Fly Fishing Articles

Fly Fish Magazine

Trout underground

The River Returns

A fine collection of specimens of the female kind if i do say so myself. 

Got to admit though, often when I have been walking through the park in my full fishing outfit of waders, waistcoat, dark glasses and baseball cap I receive admiring looks from passing attractive young women  – giggling with sexual tension !

Of course, my other half tells me there is a whole other reason as to why the minxes are smiling …

She says we look like chumps!


  1. SimonGraham · November 22, 2008

    There’s a calendar in there somewhere.”Fly fishing Hunks”.What every fly-fishermans spouse or girlfriend should have in her stocking…could be a best seller for this xmas.:)

  2. Alistair · November 22, 2008

    Right – lets do it Simon for next xmas – I expect you to hit the gym this season and next crimbo we shall release it!

  3. mike · November 22, 2008

    Chumps!! I’ll have you know…..

    The only thing to be concluded from that photo is that waders are sexy. Particularly when worn by the right men.

  4. Alistair · November 22, 2008

    Did you notice we all have a bit of left hand on hip action happening!

  5. Dean · November 22, 2008

    Hey Alistair,

    A bit late, but had to send a picture of my beautiful wife as well.


  6. Alistair · November 22, 2008

    Dean – Once more you have proved the point that anglers seem to attract the most beautiful specimens of the female variety !
    We really are lucky men 🙂


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