Fish Kill on the Kelvin!

So I took a wee stoat up to the Vet School today as it looks like the last day fishing for a bit as the rain is about to come. I met a guy from SEPA who asked me if I had seen any dead fish. It just so happened that I had seen two but had not thought much about it. It turns out because the water is so low and it is so hot the amonia levels are rising in the river causing the trout to die. I seen a couple of rising trout but decided not to go after them as if I had caught them it would have taken them longer to recover……if at all.
I walked down the river coming across more and more dead fish.
Some looked nice as well.
I allso found a large plastic bag full of maggots next to a porno mag …
scud nag
Kelvin fishers eh?? cant take those buggers anywhere!! tut tut!!

I have seen a remarkable amount of snails this year, seems I have not seen this many ……..well ever in fact now that I com eto think about it!

Here is one stuck to a nettle bush!


The rain started today. I only hope that it starts bucketing down and gives the fish plenty of oxygen!


  1. Chris · July 14, 2005

    Quite a sad sight.
    Im praying for rain soon, nice steady rain though that soaks into the ground.

  2. Jim Burns · July 14, 2005

    Went down to the river couple of days ago early morning after finishing nightshift and also saw dead fish. This was at Dawsholm but went up stream towards Vet collage only to find more dead fish. Stared to count them as I went down stream again all the way to Halfpenny bridge as and when I could access the river but gave up after I counted about 100 dead fish. As you say Alister there was good number of good looking fish. Took some out of the water and took a photo,the biggest being 12in long down to about 4in but there was some bigger fish but they where in deeper water. As for the mess around the river at Vet collage beer cans ,plastic bag, nappies & gay porn mags you just wounder what else is laying about. Watch out if your coming up stream from bridge at Dawsholm there’s a shooting target on one of the trees Vet collage bank somebody must be on the other bank shooting at it.

  3. alan atkins · July 14, 2005

    This is really bad news.It happened two summers ago and i have sen the photos at the Clyde Foundation of a fish kill taken behind the botanics in the long pool.There were several brown trout, 8 chunky seatrout and about a dozen grisle.At least this has come about as a result of mother nature not playing ball and not through pollution.Lets just hope that we get some serious rain before the main salmon and seatrout come up from the estuary.All that we can do,as anglers ,is to inform sepa and each other and probably to give the trout a rest and not go fishing!!

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