First River Trout Trip 2019

I think it may be a bit of a cold day, I mentioned to Alex as I attempted to appeal to his less sturdy side. Conditions should be ok, he said, the hatch just may happen a little later in the day.

” We should get a hatch later in the day

We met by the river and Alex being the legend he is got the frying pan out for some sausage and black pudding doublers. I think this was the act that set us up for the rest of the day.

Low and clear.

I can’t quite remember at what point we realised things were not going according to plan. Thankfully we had chosen to park a car at the top of the river which meant we were constantly on the move walking up this highland river in search of trout.

The river itself was on its absolute bones, a skeleton I called it at one point.

Bones visible.

We even seen some signs of beavers on our walk. They certainly travel about a bit I mused, generally 80 miles an hour in somebody’s boot probably. The impact of having these critters reintroduced have yet to be seen. It does not look like much thought has went into it.

Beaver sign

Alex spotted three olives hatching which did not bring on any trout. We did not even appear to spook any trout even after deliberately walking up to the gin clear water.

Nae fish, nae chance…

We decided to check out a wee lochan, at least to try and fluke a trout. The temperature was dipping and I reckoned Alex was going to fish the whole lochan to try and catch one possible suicidal trout.

It was at this point the entire sole of my wading boot was sucked off by a bit of boggy ground. Turns out my Greys wading boot sole was held on with a measly bit of glue. It is currently drying out in my garage and I will fix them with some evostick which could probably stick me to a wall if someone tried as it is that strong.

Me with my sole!

In summary, freezing cold, walked for miles, no fish and got my boot sucked off.

Had a great day!

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  1. Alex · April 16, 2019

    Sums it up in a nutshell. It was a nice walk in the countryside!