First outing…blanked!!

Woohoo, first day out this season and i blanked. There was not much fly life although I did see a couple of rises. Ironically just now as i sit typing this the sun is streaming through the window and this might have sparked some life into teh insects.
It was not all bad however, I met a young guy who ive been mailing for a while now and it was good “talking fish” fora while. He also noted the amount of pointless bait fishers that were holed up at the big pool at the vet school.
shady bait fishers three blokes all with spinning rods static bait fishing. I just dont see the fun……Anglers??? Fisherman??? try evil baby fish killers.

Could have done with my new waders today, they are coming this week….I was a bit annoyed that I could not get up to the wee bits that i know should hold fish at this time of year but…..hey…there was some nice trees:)