February Reconnaissance (disguised as a “romantic walk darling” Classy move!!)

I was trying to work out why I have had such a massive jump in visitors to the main Kelvin website and to here over the weekend. Usually visitor numbers dip sat/sun as people are not at work browsing the net catching up on the fishing gossip.
I then noticed that the infamous “Trout n About” was on Discovery Channel on Friday night…..aha! It was actually an email I received from an old fishing buddy’s father that made me go and have a hunt and see where it was on. For anyone that does not know, I took part in that programme last year, here is a post about it. Someone just told me it should have been called “aboot n aboot” as you never actually see a Trout 🙂
Anyway, Claire and I decided to go for a walk along the Kelvin to the West End for a bit of romantic exercise. The river was looking pretty grim if the truth be told, still it was a nice day and I scoped out another few “getting into the river” places that I will keep in mind for when the season starts.

Speaking of which, I took receipt of some new tapered leaders, a tub of something that looks suspiciously like cocaine that will keep your fly floating all day and a little tub of weighted putty. I got the weighted putty as this year I am determined to try some deep down tactics, especially at the start of the season anyway!


  1. mick · February 18, 2006

    hi alistair, re the weighted putty, if you can get a hold of some fullers earth from the chemist it’s the business for getting the leader down and also takes the shine off of the nylon. it costs about a quid for a box and lasts forever. just mix with some water and washing up liquid until the consistency of putty.

  2. Alistair · February 18, 2006

    I have heard of that before, generally however I just rub a little mud on to my leader if i want it to sink 🙂


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