“Fantastic Four” has no Fly Fishing in it!!

I received a text today from a fishing buddy telling me that he found a several dead Salmon in the Kelvin, around the grilse size…5-6lb. He thought they looked quite old and I have not seen any more dead fish so as long as we don’t get anymore consistent hot weather the trout should be ok.
I decided to go for a wander along the Kelvin today as I know a few places that are very deep and very slow where I have seen fish in the past and I reckoned that there was a good chance that part of the river would be not as affected as much by the weather. I was correct. I was also gagging to fish with my new Tea Stick Bamboo rod. Just my luck, almost as soon as it arrived the sun came out and the weather turned. Well to be fair I did catch my biggest trout of the season but hell….its just so damn nice to fish with!!
snazzy bamboo rod

When I got to the place I could see around 5 fish constantly rising…..the only problem was they were in places that I could not cast to. However as the water was so low I managed to wade across to the other side of the river and make a few casts. I managed to spook them all. The water was so slow that they had plenty of time to examine my fly.
However I walked down and hooked what looks like one of the little sea troots that were stocked. I also caught a 7 inch brownie and a nicer one that happened to do a long distance release on 
wee trootsie
A kingfisher also went zooming buy me at great speed so close if I had put my hand out it would have banged into it..

Walked back and checked a few folks permits, no one had them as usual.
I met two guys who were drinking beer under some trees. This is the second time I have met them and every time I see them they are sitting under the same trees, wearing chest waders with there rods all set up and drinking beer. Two nice guys, we talked about nature and different types of fishing and then I headed home for some fajitas and then off out to the cinema to see Fantastic Four. There was no fly fishing in it!!

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  1. JMAC · July 31, 2005

    Glad you like your cane rod, I have a couple of old one’s I still try now and again. Unfortunately many years ago one snapped for no apparent reason while fishing one night, I took it for repair at my local shop, Gamesport in Ayr and they reckoned it could have been nicked on a rock removing the varnish allowing water to penetrate and basically rot the bamboo at that point.
    Just a wee word of warning as I see you new rod lying on a rock in one of your photee’s, take care!
    Keep up the blog I enjoy reading your adventures along the Kelvin.

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