Fancy a romantic evening by the river darling?

So I managed to wangle a lift to my other river under the guise of a romantic evening by the river. There is Claire over there to the right of that cow
Claire read a magazine whilst I fished. I had to coal carry her across a couple of burns (which she found fun although I swear she could have jumped them) but we got there in the end. Additionally she would not walk through a field of cows so we had to make a shortcut. We were told the farmer was not happy about this but once I explained the situation he was fine with it and in a good natured way said “Och, the coo’s will just lick yer face”
It was a funny night, by all accounts I should have done well but there was little fly life and no trout rising. It has been a hot day and I suppose if we had stayed a little longer there might have been more action but work in the morning beckons.
I managed to get this one as the sun was going down when a small amount of flies were on the water.
Claire even had a few casts as well!
A lovely way to spend an evening.


  1. TC · June 5, 2006

    Claire’s a better sport than most; did you at least bring a bottle of wine to romance Claire (and salve your pain after you’ve been skunked)?

  2. Alistair · June 5, 2006

    Thats a point actually, I might do that next time, Claire unfortunetly will be driving as I am learning at the moment so she will be unable to have some……..but I should have a rare old night 😉

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