I am experimenting with the layout again. If anyone has any comments please let me know what you think!
So far I like this layout although I think it needs a little more colour……maybe a picture or something.
Some feedback would be nice 🙂

EDIT:: my new template totally buggered up the whole blog so changed back to the old one. Stressed out my head with Uni just now as well 🙁

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  1. George · February 5, 2005

    Hi ya, you maybe having a Microsoft Moment with that other colour and format? .. no very nice …. Not wanting to moan, but prefer the one with the ” fishy feel ” to it

    Not heard from you in a while, hope all ok.

    speak soon(ish)

    George in Saltcoats

    ps … thought you were tying up some beetles … any pics ?? .. cya G

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