Evening at the Dam!

Took a walk up a hill to my local Dam for the evening. Fished anti clockwise however found them spooky. The wind was blowing down up the water for a change and I lost a couple within the first 20 mins and then finally one came to the hand.

To the hand…

I got to the top (bottom?) of the water and the trout that were rising were spooked by my wading. They are not usually that spooky and I decided that it was because usually I walk round the opposite way and coming in this way I was displacing more water when getting into the water. I caught a nice trout and then after taking a wee step forward in the peaty water found myself slipping down what felt like a slide under the water and was up to my armpits, managed to crawl out but was soaked through. Was decidedly disgruntled but fished on without another touch for a half hour.

Up to my armpits..

I think it was because of the water but I now noticed the cold wind. I got to the Dam wall after a few plucks and pulls without any fully committing and I changed my fly to a heavy wee bead head. I decided to fish 20m by casting out and letting it sink and slowly twitching it back. I had a couple of savage takes that did not commit and then on my final couple of casts one stayed on.


It was good to see.

Drove home and then still soaking wet I had to deal with a wasp nest that was under my roof tiles right above where my wife parks the car and the kids get their bikes.

Good night!


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  1. Andy Carnochan · July 12, 2017

    Cracking wee fishing story. Most of us have fallen in at some point I reckon but fished on regardless. Keep em coming

  2. Alex · July 12, 2017

    Nice trout!