Email from Rob

Rob – a fine Kelvinator rose to the job of sending me a report with pictures of his trip to the Kelvin today:

Hi Alistair,

Just back from an afternoon on the Kelvin. The river is a surprisingly good height after all the rain, but still carrying a bit of colour. No real hatch to speak of today,a wee chilly breeze saw to that. Saw the odd segde, yellow may and olives here and there though. I ended up catching a dozen fish mostly 8″-10″, and a couple a bit nicer, which i took snaps of. Hope your training isn’t too grim!

Cheers,   Rob

My day just got better after hearing about your session Rob !




  1. Herve · June 5, 2007

    It makes me mad when a co-called friend e-mails me to tell me how well he’s fished – without me. Just kidding actually : I like it when they give me news about my rivers, how the water is, how the hatches are coming and how the fish is going.

    However, some of them are real b*stards, you know the kind that call you at the office : “Guess what ? This afternoon I’m on river so-and-so and I’ve just caught a nice brown trout!”.

    Stangely enough, I came to like that 🙂

  2. Alistair · June 5, 2007

    Got to admit – it used to make me envious – now it makes me think at least someone is having fun not being at work 🙂

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