I dunno, I was posting on a forum that I visit and a thread came up about droppers. Basically I really only ever fish with one fly when fishing wet, when river fishing anyway……for that matter any fishing. I just dont think that it would make my catch rate increase any. Put it this way, lets say im casting a little wet fly to the side of a boulder or a partially submerged tree, i know where the single fly is going to go because thats the one that I am guiding BUT if i had a dropper to bother about at the same time im pretty sure it would get caught up……plus the fact sometimes playing a fish in tight conditons with a dropper flying about would i think result in a lot less fish landed. Im going to try anyway.
Ive not been fishing the last few days as I was working on Friday and the was absolutely steaming on saturday …I went to The Stand comedy club and won a bottl eof red wine and two tickets to go back woohoo….I had possibly the worst hangover of my life on sunday…like im talking really bad here and then today it was too windy.
The one good thing is that the weather has changed so there will be some nice fresh water in the river giving it a bit of a boost 🙂 There should also be a run of fish with a bit of luck, that reminds me i had a note in my guestbook from someone who had seen a salmon trying to get up the weir just down from Queen Margeret Drive… thats possibly one more than ive seen…..i know they are there I just never seem to see em’

Oh yea, where was I….. droppers, im going to give them a try this week!