Don’t have a scooby how to catch a trout on the fly?

That’s  right, if you don’t have a Scooby how to catch a trout on a fly or able to look in a book to see what insect is what I have just the day for you.

On the 14thMarch The Game Angling Instructors Association are having an open day on the Tweedswood Beat on the Tweed, Melrose from 9am.

The day includes:

  • APGAI Casting Demonstrations – Trout and Salmon
  • Casting Clinics-spend time with a qualified instructor (must pre book)
  • APGAI – Fly Dressing Demonstration
  • Invertebrate/River Fly Life Sampling – Tweed Trout & Grayling Biologist, Kenny Galt, Tweed Foundation
  • Salmon Casting from a Boat
  • GraylingFishing with a Bug Demonstration – Ronnie Glass, Orvis Co. & Past Scottish Rivers Champion
  • Trout Fishing on a Dry Fly Demonstration

The day starts at 9am and costs £45. This includes Instruction, attendance at the Demonstrations and Lunch – a bargain considering you cannae get these guys to show you bugger all unless you cross their hands with twenty notes per hour.

To be fair, sometimes you have just got to see something being done to understand it – I know that my fishing vastly improved when I acquired some fishing buddies to swap notes on stuff. I reckon this day is a bargain at £45 notes just for the Invertebrate/River Fly Life Sampling part of the day – I always think you need to go with an attitude to these days – take a pen and a bit of paper, write as much as you can down,ask questions – get your answers.

You can book or get more details from:

Alberto Laidlaw
Tel: 07778526859


 You can view a PDF regarding the day here.

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  1. Jim · February 12, 2009

    Sounds like this would be a lot of fun. Wish that I lived a little bit closre for this.

    Jim’s last blog post..Beach Holidays along the New-Jersey Coast!

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