Don’t give me any of that Zen crap

So with my new found freedom of car travel I have had a busy couple of days. Last night I went upstream on the Kelvin to a spot that Mike fishes regularly- and consistently pulls nice trout out of.
I however totally blanked, probably because the water was too low and I did not have that experience of fishing the water regularly to guide me to places that would get me a trout. I was not too bothered to be honest as it was just quite nice to explore another stretch. I think I will grab Mike next time he is in Glasgow and get him to show me around.

This evening it was a trip to my other fave bit of river.
There was a fair few olives coming off and there was trout rising so I managed to winkle out a few before I ran out of flies. I just love the colour of these trout.
I was with Charlie who consistently finds it a difficult place to fish and blanked once more, I think this was his fourth trip. To be fair at least this time he seen some action- hooking a nice rout that sadly got off, or was it two? I cannot remember. I gave him the nice thought that at least he had deceived the trout into taking his fly so in essence it did not matter that the trout was not landed- the purpose of fishing had been fulfilled. Charlie immediately retorted that I had not to give him any more of that zen crap as I would not be saying that if I had blanked four times in a row- Touché I thought!

I am now up North for a few days camping and possibly a little fishing, Ta Ta!!

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  1. Alan Atkins · August 13, 2006

    Alistair, i take it that congrats are in order re the driving test, good news, you can do the driving back from the next all night session !! The fishing on the Avon has been dire at the mo’, with not a fin stirring even in the gloaming. The water is almost stagnent in places and there is that funny paint like smell about the river. So, needless to say, i have blanked on the last two sessions. I amy have athrow inthe Kelvin this week, but without some serious rain soon i may forget the trout on funning water and head for the hills !!

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