Dirty water!

So Ive been gagging to get down to the river. Ive not been down in a good couple of weeks or so. I headed down today……the conditions were perfect…..the water was at a good level, their was a gentle breeze……….and unfortunetly the water was a tan colour. The problem is that the river flows through farm land and when it rains water runs off the land making the water change to the colour of tan.
Anyway, when I got to dawsholm park there was a man fishing with his son and daughter. They were both young and were using little telescopic rods with little floats. They had picked up a few fish as well………did better than me anyway…I had a few casts and went for a wander. Oh…thats right…..as I was having a few casts I heard a big splash ……it was a shopping trolley that had fallen into the river. I thought someone had just dumped it but couldnt see anyone. It must have just been resting on a tree or something and fallen in at that time……
Here it is
Im in two minds whether to haul it out or not. As weed gets caught up in the spokes and bars it will create a place where juvinile trout can hide and also the weed will produce flies. In effect it will become a nice little hive of river life activity.
Of course what we dont want is a mass of shopping trolleys everywhere but………..hmmmm I suppose I could move it somewhere……