Cowal Blunders & other havoc

After a blunder on the cowal peninsula in which I decided to not take any fishing gear with me on a day trip with the family despite being near some lovely rocks at high tide I was gagging for some action when I got home. 

No fishing gear!

I am on a week’s annual leave and the wife is about to end her annual leave. I speculatively asked if she minded me heading out for a couple of hours and despite the look and the fact she did not actually say yes I headed to the car and was on the way to a highland river. This is a river I had been obsessing about for the winter once I had found they did season tickets – I loathe a day ticket on somewhere I cannot go to for a couple of hours when the mood fancies so as the 5 mile limit has now been relaxed it was time to get permitted up. 

I bolted up the A82 and made a quick dash to the cottage to buy my permit. I stopped off at a bridge to check the river and pretty much decided I was not going to get much action due the amount of water whooshing down the river. A quick chat with the gamekeep and the coinage changed hands and then another quick drive to where I thought I might be in with a chance. 

The river looked great although it was a bit windy – I decided to fish for an hour and then bolt back down the road. My waders were on when a phone call informing me that the children were causing havoc and could I come home urgently. 

Damn the luck!


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