Competition time !

So today is the start of the Urban Fly fishing on the Kelvin caption competition! The competition is open to anyone, in any country whether I know them or not. It is a simple little caption contest, nothing too difficult I am sure.
It is however a caption contest with a twist. YOU choose the picture, there is only one rule, it must have been taken by me and not a picture from another blog, so for example the picture on this post would be great; however upon reading the post you find that it is in fact a picture from another website. Have a hunt through the archives on the right to find something you like ! Oh, and you CAN merge pictures together !

You can jazz it up as much as you like, you can even use the very nice Flikr tools from here and here.

Yes yes, all very simple. I suppose I had better talk about prizes. Well, two lucky winners will get a rather snazzy Buff. And what is a Buff I hear you say, well seeing as how the hot weather is coming in I am giving away 2 rather nifty Visor Buffs to keep the sun out of your eyes whilst reeling in those giant trout. If you don’t know what they are I suggest you nip over to the Buff website and check them out.

(note:sexy women not included)

Visor Buff is the latest innovation. Its made out of the original Buff tubular garment combined with a neoprene visor (peak) to bring together all the features of a traditional cap. The result is a very light, high-quality, comfortable, and useful piece of garment that can be worn in many versatile styles (open visor, cap, sahariane, pirate, foulard and many more).

Anyway, I suppose that all seems rather straightforward, the competition will be open for one month , so lets say the closing date for entries is on the 15th July.

Claire will be the judge; so keep that in mind I suppose 🙂 Send all entries to

Oh and you can use all parts of the website, not just the blog 😉


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  2. Lorraine Waddell · June 12, 2006

    fishing in the river — the river mcgambo

  3. Alistair · June 12, 2006

    Not too sure what you mean ?


  4. elaine shepherd · June 12, 2006

    Stewpot, ignore Lorraine Waddell – she’s a muppet and my friend unfortunately! McGamble is a made up joke name for anything and everything! Mental Sheppy

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  6. nate larson · June 12, 2006

    What a great site. I am just reading through back posts. But thanks for the blog. I have had the chance to live and fish in Scotland a few times…some of my best memories on the water. Of course I can’t complain about living in Jackson Hole either.

    keep it going!

  7. Alistair · June 12, 2006

    Thanks for that Nate, it is always nice to hear from other bloggers 🙂


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