Communication Difficulties!

I want to discuss with you communication difficulties. Now the other day I got SHE WHO MUSY BE OBEYED to give me a lift up to the Glasgow Angling Centre to get some of that sealant stuff for my waders. On the way I mentioned that it would mean that I would be fishing on Sunday at the earliest. Now, I think that was a bit of a hint that I would be going fishing today. Anyway, yesterday I was texting someone about fishing on Sunday and I mentioned that the river was looking good after the day’s rain…I said I was looking forward to fishing the river on Sunday. Now I think that was another hint about going fishing today. Last night on my way home I asked her if she would drop me off at the river and she said no she was going out for a long run… me that was a bloody obvious hint that I was going fishing today….
So why when I woke up this morning, rolled over why did my beloved say “what are we going to do today….something nice?”
I said “I …er…I’m going fishing”


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