Choose a River, any River !

Had a very good session at our little fly tying night last night. It was a presentation by David Downie (Dangerous Dave if you are a Rainbow at the Lake of Monteith). He tied up his “bread & butter” flies for catching record breaking fish as well as showing us how to tie up some plastic things for bass. To be sure it has made me think about other possible angling exploits….

Choose a River, any River !

Alberto, the organiser of the class and sometimes fishing buddy asked me to organise a trip to a river for the class. I knew the minute I was asked that no matter where I chose as a venue it would be changed. You see Alberto -fly fisher extraordinaire -is a fly fisher of great experience; he is a casting instructor and fly tying instructor as well as being well known in the UK competition scene. Additionally, he has this ability to engage with just about anyone when it comes to fishing. He told me of the time he gave casting lessons to a couple of local Kelvinators who were flailing about with fly rods after a booze session beginners whilst out for a walk “Cheers pal” they shouted as he walked away (no doubt they are now casting like pros) “are ye wantin’ a can o’ lager fur yer trouble” (Tom that is how people from Glasgow speak)

eman casting

Anyway, after talking to a few people eventually I came up with The Tummel. Inevitably the venue was changed to the Upper Clyde by Alberto. I say inevitably as Alberto has this uncanny ability to change any set in stone plans that you may have(After inviting himself along). This makes it all the more amusing when we ask him to impart some of his great wisdom to us in the ways of catching trout. “I cant be bothered going trout fishing, I only go after Salmon these days” he will say “I am playing tennis instead” or “I am teaching a group to Spey cast that day” or even “Oh yes, I have been invited to fish The Lake in a competition” I take great delight in teasing him relentlessly about competition fishing “Bag up did you?” I will ask.


This has all backfired however when Alex let slip we are both fishing in a competition sometime in the summer – It is a The Highland Wild Trout Challenge so I don’t think it counts, at least i dont “think” that is my soul tarnished… this the way it starts?- just a wee fun competition – by next year will I be using a slime line with a string of booby nymphs bagging up big time with slabs of lard ? Alberto however now takes great delight in pointing out every fly he shows me how to tie as “Going to be good for your competition”

When he does go fishing, he inevitably takes his time and catches lots more fish than we do – on one memorable occasion to The Tummel he actually accused us of scaring all the fish away.

being stealthy

Looks Like Spring at Last

Dare I say that it feels like spring today? This morning we had a light frost and by the afternoon the sun was good enough to actually start warming this cold miserable land.

My pal Alex last night asked if I fancied a spot of Pike fishing at the weekend. Part of me wanted to say yes and part of me wanted to say no as my thoughts are being concentrated towards the delights of trout. My thoughts were turned again when I was checking through the blogs that I visit and read about Chris McCully’s recent exploits. The pictures of Pike eyeing Chris as he takes its photo is lovely to look at.

Oh to be fishing on warm summer days…

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