Celebrity Big Brother- Dirk Benedict

In case you did not know – Celebrity Big Brother is once more gracing our screens in th UK and there is an angler in there- a fly fisherman no less. Yup, it is Dirk Benedict of the A-Team and Battlestar Galactica fame. He has even wrote a few fly fishing books
If your wife or other appropriate ball n chain is watching I suggest you convince her to vote for him to win.
He entered the house smoking a rather large cigar….not that I was….er…watching.

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  1. Alex · January 3, 2007

    Whoopee! Just what we all wanted: another droll ‘celebrity’ game show. What is a celebrity anyway?
    Of course with celebrity fit club, celebrity x-factor, celebrity the weakest link, I’m a celebrity get me out of here, cirque de celebrity, celebrity strictly come dancing, celebrity stars in their eyes, celebrities on ice, celebrity extreme makeover and celebrity who wants to be a millionaire; there’s clearly a glaring niche in the frontal lobotomy victim’s market for more ‘celebrity’ game shows.

    Even a legend like Dirk himself couldn’t persuade me to watch this putrid, mind-decaying rot. It would be like watching Geoff Capes selling heroin to small children.

    Gotta go. Balamory is about to start.

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