Awright mate!

Spring Mode: Prepare to engage!

Paul Young and dinosaurs…

At the last Kelvin opening day Paul Young had the good fortune to be introduced to my son and his dinosaur!

I know a place..


Presented without comment…

My most favourite sight…

For some chaps it is the bend of their rod or the bobbing of a float.

For me it is this..

Does stuff like this happen to everybody?

I have no idea – liquid evil possibly?

Summer Memories

Hot, muggy and ovecast.

So close you can touch them..


Challenge Accepted


A month long picture dump..

I hope you chaps have not been feeling neglected due to the lack of posts.

It has been a strange season all round and not just because of the lack of rain. I had a chat with a pal about it a while ago and what he told me has been mulling around in my […]