Glasgow Angling Centre- now with ADDED water!!!

So many of you know my views of the Glasgow Angling Centre– the place has improved greatly since it opened- the place seems to be developing a bit of a nicer atmosphere and is now enjoyable to visit. With my new found freedom with the car I went down to visit today and what do […]

Tummel drowning….

I have copied and pasted this from a forum I visit…

Call for inquiry into river drowning By Eric Nicolson

THE DEATH of a father-of-three in a Highland Perthshire river last week could have been avoided and should be investigated at a fatal accident inquiry, a councillor has claimed.

Gordon Robertson (41), from Midlothian, was […]

Fish Wild Magazine

Online magazines are all the rage at the moment- a particularly good one (dare I say the best?) is Fish Wild, you will not see any boobies or blobs in this baby- it is traditional tactics all the way!

Check it out

Photo shows cow resolving dispute

I found this pretty interesting

A photo on a Cornish archive containing thousands of images of the county has brought to light a bizarre story.

So why did the cow want to get on his back ? Freaky Farmer !

Results of competition….

Will be in a few days (possibly a week), thanks to all those that entered it has been fun !

The Highlander Way

You know, I don’t think I have ever written about this little site although I have it in my links list on the main site. There are some lovely little gems of websites out there and this is one of them, I like little sites off the beaten track (a bit like my own) – […]

Tattered Fly

Tattered Fly has went through a relaunch with a diffierent layout. Lovely site and quotes me for his inspiration.

usually I just inspire people to the booze bottle so that is a plus 🙂

Greetings new readers!

Greetings, people who have just read The Herald. I have not actually read the article regarding the Kelvin yet but just in case I came across like a trumpet I thought I would post this first. Anyway,some background, I have been fly fishing on the Kelvin for a number of years now and call it […]

Competition time !

So today is the start of the Urban Fly fishing on the Kelvin caption competition! The competition is open to anyone, in any country whether I know them or not. It is a simple little caption contest, nothing too difficult I am sure. It is however a caption contest with a twist. YOU choose the […]

Celebrating Maryhill

A lovely site about peoples memories of Maryhill.


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