Bill Dance

This one has been doing the rounds for a while…

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Two Way Radio aka Walky Talkies and Fishing….Roger Roger

So it was this year I got exited about whole idea of using walky talkies while fishing. It was Mike that put me on to the idea and I was resistant at first. When he told me he had bought a couple for him and his brother I rubbished the whole idea straight away (I […]

Casting Technique

Mike over at Tamanawis has been getting pretty stressed out about his casting, well when i say stressed out I mean he is becoming a little obsessive… a nice way 🙂

Maybe he should take some hints from this chap.

‘I’m not an animal lover’

A great article with David Attenborough over on the guardian website…

So why has David Attenborough spent more than 50 years making programmes about the natural world? Decca Aitkenhead talks Steve Irwin, salamanders and climate change with him

Check it out

He does say some rather nice things about Steve Irwin


Anglers and drug testing

I cannot believe I missed this one. …

TOP championship anglers were left shocked… after being asked to submit to drug tests.

Competitors at last week’s World Angling Championships were told to give urine samples or face losing their prizes.

Astonishingly, the tests – which they all passed – were made because officials fear stimulants […]

The origins of the Kelvin (or The Kelvin Strikes Back)

Dullatur bog

Dullatur Bog is the source of the River Kelvin, an important wildlife site… and a headache for the engineer of the Forth & Clyde Canal.

Canal engineer John Smeaton believed he could cut the canal through the bog, at the same time filling it with water to prevent it from collapsing. He was […]

River Kelvin flood 1994

Anyone in Glasgow mind the great flood of 1994 ?.

Over at Hidden Glasgow they have some pretty neat pictures!

After day’s of continuous rainfall that fell over Glasgow in the early part of December 1994 the Glasgow Central Low Level Railway was about to be engulfed by thousands of gallons of water that […]

Added a new “about” page

Added a new “about” page for new readers 🙂

Looking forward to a bit of this action already

A lovely video from You Tube

BNP terror plot

I don’t often step into the world of politics as this is a fishing blog however here is a story that not many people in the UK know about involving chemical weapons in their back yard so to speak. I look on it as my duty as a blogger to spread the word.

This […]

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