Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-11

River has risen .. I might look out the metal work and have a cast for salmon! # Planning a dawn raid on the kelvin for sea beasts! # Up at half four – dawn raid for salmon! #

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Salmon trip – dawn raid (outcome blank)

It is Saturday evening at around 10pm – it is pouring with rain, like really teaming it down – cats and dog’s rain – if you are reading this in Glasgow and you have not looked out the window it is pissing it doon by the way.

I am talking about […]

We have changed conditions!

I have fished twice over the last week – one was on Saturday evening (before all the rain) and the other was on Tuesday evening just as the rain started.

Both sessions were what I can only describe as “pish” – I am glad that you guys do not just come […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

never too young to hold a rod .. # First day back at work after a fortnight break ! # On my way home from a sea fishing trip … lots of doggy action ! We all love a bit of doggy! #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

Getting ready for a camping trip – cunningly chose a site near water! # Loving camping in the lake district! Home tomorrow! Booo! # It is still roasting hot – what is this, some kind of summer ? #

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

Pouring rain can only mean one thing – sea beasts in the salt! Eta 8pm # Heading home from the salt … lost a sea trout! # Planninp on hitting the kelvin this evening – anyone want to join me? # Cold east wind …overcast though…what you think? # RT @kelvinmeadow URGENT! Objections to […]

Friends of the River Kelvin gala day + misc report!

Ok- so I have missed out a few sessions on the kelvin however you have really not missed much. On my last post I was sitting by the river waiting for dusk and monster trout to rise – it did not happen – to add insult to injury I left a lovely box of newly […]

On the kelvin…

I am sitting by the river waiting for dusk. There has been a lot of fly life but none of the big trout rising……..yet!

Attack of the Rottweilers

So I am just back from the Kelvin – before I tell you about the session I thought I would tell you my experiance with the dogs – I have the best scary dog story to beat anyone now – you see lots of guys down the Kelvin complain about the dogs and dog walker […]

Happy Monday – not long until the weekend!

Hiya – it is Monday and a bank holiday – if you are lucky enough to be off work then no doubt you will be going fishing – I am not lucky enough – I am just getting ready to leave.

It seems that people do not want to fish as it has not been […]