Camo Beret – Cool as fu….

You wear a camouflage beret while you are fishing then you are as cool as Top Cat in my book.

(pic is an affiliate link to Amazon)

I am going to add one of these bad boys to my Amazon wishlist for my birthday next month.

Tell you what else is happening in a couple of months – my second born child will be hitting the planet – this means instead of fishing for the next wee while I am doing DIY (for me this means decorating) you see my wife is “nesting” – not the old style cleaning every room in the house thing it is the new wave nesting thing where she gets me to paint every room in the house – thanks a bunch Parenting Weekly.

And this weekend it was my sons bedroom.

When number one son was born we decided to put a border around the room – we used “border glue” – if I had been told that once the border glue was on the wall the only way to remove it is to actually get a new wall then I would not have bothered with a border. If you do not get the glue off then it bleeds through the new paint.

Instead I have just spent the last two days using fairy liquid, fabric softener, sugar water, tin foil heated up by an iron, white spirit and finally my spit to try and get this evil stuff off my sons room. None of it helped – finally I bought some stuff that is supposed to cover up hard to remove stains and coated the glue. You can still see where the border was kinda through around 8 coats of royal blue paint however I have agreed with my wife that even if we do still notice it we have NEVER to mention it ever again.

Camo Beret = cool as f#ck!

Border Glue = a pain in the arse!


  1. Campbell S · March 20, 2011

    Dude, I predict that if you end up with tha beret in your hands, you will be doing a whole lot of fishing on your own. That is if you get fishing…

  2. Christian · March 20, 2011

    That and these:
    and you are one step away from the Iktyological pendant to the TA.
    “At oh-600hours we will commence the fishing. Now gear up, boys, and do your species proud.”

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