I noticed a few emails coming in this week regarding folk wanting “trout & fly only” tickets for the local ditch. We had decided to make them application by post only to stop any riff raff getting a hold of them and fishing with giant salmon lures and the last couple of seasons have seen take up of around 3. This year folk are a heck of a lot more stingy and we have had couple of dozen applications. Unfortunately it seems that hardly anyone has had them sent out.

Anyway, it turns out that the mail is not being sent to Paul Reid who is the local commander of the force, it also turns out he has been brought low by a rather nasty cold and sounded bloody miserable when I spoke to him today – he is still coming on Saturday to the opening day though.

Speaking of which, check this out: 11pm Friday night out my back door

What the fuck?

What the fuck?

It is not exactly looking too promising for the opening day tomorrow, in fact I wuld go as far as to say it is looking totally shite. I may actually just end up spending some time sitting at the bar wadered up drinking some nice tea and eating the buffet!

See you chaps in the morning, half eleven!

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  1. Colin wilson · March 22, 2013

    wtf , thats what i said as well last night, the snows been relentless on the east. 2 weeks off and only cast a line on the first two days of the season, hopefully i’ll wet a line again before the end of the month.