It is funny how some days can go so well and other so bad. After my success yesterday I decided to head down to the Kelvin for some “keli” action. There was none. The water was at a good height but was a very dark chocolate colour. There was also a crowd of guys sitting with bait rods out listening to the rangers/celtic game……rangers won by the way….i could tell as once the match was over they started cheering, whooping and singing up and down the bank…..ah bless em’


  1. peter · May 22, 2005

    I was on the Kelvin on Sunday,and had better luck.I fished a two fly set up
    using a gold head hare,s ear (14) dropper well xinked and a pearly pennel
    point.Took a 1lb 3oz brownie and 3 at about 1/2lb, all on the pennel. Gold head did just enough to stop flies skating the surface.It was a good day all round if you know what I mean.

  2. alan atkins · May 22, 2005

    I had a good evening on the Kelvin on Tyesday.At last conditions allowed acast in the evening i.e. warm nite with no fierce winds and cold temps.I started off at a favourite pool fishing a williams spider onthe dropper and an olive flexi-floss spider on the point.After a few plucks at the williams i noticed a good hatch of yellow mays coming off,but no fish rising.On closer inspection i saw the tell tale boils of fish nymphing (quite a different rise form to fish feeding on emergers or the fully hatched duns i.e. no splashy rises).I quickly switched from the flexi floss spider to a dick walker mayfly nymph on the point.Although the may fly duns vary in colour,the nymphs of most species of mayfly seem to be of similar coloration,i.e. a brown/mauve colour, so the walker mayfly seemed the best bet.Within 20 mins i had lost 3 and banked 2 fish of about half a pound.Then just as it was getting dark i landed a lovely fish of about 1.5 lns that took line and led me a merry dance on the 4 weight! After i continued into the dark and lost another 3.Now iam not the kind of fisher who measures his success on the no of fish landed,if i rise a fish then i know i’ve done something right and am generally quite satisfied,but this was rediculous,why was i loosing so many fish? The answer came when packing up at the end of the night.I hads been in such a hurry to change flies that i had not noticed the rather large gape in the bend of the hook,which had straightened out.Just goes to show that it is always important to pay attention to detail especially hooks and nots.Anyway,if anyones giong out on the river,once the spate settles try the walker mayfly nymph,it wont let you down,and its easy to tie

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