The talk of the steamy are the two park benches that are on the falls at the Sea Pool on the Kelvin.

You can see a newspaper tucked into it!

They are going to be removed very soon using a chainsaw so that they cannot be put back again. Personally I will be sorry to see them go, not that I liked them at the top of the falls however I used to see them on a regular basis at different parts of the river and park. Someone probably removed them from the Botanic Gardens as there are so many however I hope they do not have any kind of inscription or dedication on them.

I walked through the park today – I met one women fishing with her son and wandered up through the gardens with my boys. I really noticed the number of benches in the park and read a lot of the inscriptions. Some were new and some old. Each one had been bought and paid for by someone who wanted to mark someone’s life and I wonder what they would have thought if they knew their bench had been stuck in the Kelvin.

What do you call a grouping of benches?

I mentioned to my wife when I got home that I quite fancied a bench when I shuffle off – the thought that someone may sit on my bench and glance at my name and wonder who the hell I was tickles me in a way that rotting in a box under a stone does not.

In other news I felt Autumn in the air this morning. The leaves are starting to fall from the trees and their was a cold chill that took a while to burn off. The sun felt old and worn out.

It started to rain late afternoon and has not stopped!


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  1. Stuart B · August 25, 2012

    So a couple of benches get taken to the river and the solution by Land Services or whatever they call themselves now is to cut them in to firewood .They could give them to someone else to do something useful with them if they are in reasonable nick or put them in another park of which there are several in Glasgow .
    I hope all those others are bolted down cos chances are one or two of them will be getting used as replacements if not

  2. Alistair · August 25, 2012

    It is not Land Services that are cutting them up Stuart – Land Services do not give a monkeys about them!

  3. Stuart B · August 25, 2012

    Aaah right that explains a lot. Par for the course for LS

  4. Alistair · August 25, 2012

    They have been floating around the park for a few years – I even made a post about them a couple of years ago when they were a kilometer upstream.