Baws tae that…

So Alex and I had some serious small stream action at the weekend, coupled of course with a hefty dose of big river action. The small burn is part of the Kelvin system and had a nice amount of water in it due to there being a spot of rain a couple of days before. Alex was moaning about the possibility of catching any trout in a burn so small ….
…but after I had caught a couple of trout I could hardly drag him away from the place. We also found some fairly gigantic Olives which were around an inch long (Alex unkindly said the fish were that long as well)
We ended our weekend with Alex going for a swim after taking one chance too far with his “enthusiastic” wading and discussing what really makes a good day of fishing. We had spotted a fair collection of interesting wildlife- a sparrow hawk, a large red sedge (not its real name), a black swan and seen a badger set. Some people might argue that on a days fishing catching a fish is just a bonus- they go purely for the solitude and fresh air, to contemplate nature.

Balls to all that we agreed, if you don’t catch fish a couple of trips then you would not too bothered but if it happened consistently then I would certainly be thinking that I should be changing my technique. If I seriously wanted to watch the wildlife and go for a walk I would not be carrying a fishing rod.

Next time I go fishing with someone I am going to ensure they take some photos of myself with a fish…..I am seriously noticing the lack of!!

A week left of the trout season…Baws tae that n’ aw !!


  1. Trout Underground · September 27, 2006

    Nice report!

    Couldn’t agree more about the photos. When you’re a blogger, you basically make your friends famous (on the Internet) while you labor on in obscurity.

    I have no doubt that – if my friends were better photographers who carried cameras – that I would be almost as famous as Paris Hilton. Or the Spice Girls.

    It’s a pity.

  2. Alistair · September 27, 2006

    Exactly, I was so pissed off about it at one point that I gave one of my fishing buddies (Emmanuelle) one of my old digital cameras just so that I might get some photos of me for a change…..he only goes and gets his girlfriend pregnant, had the baby and then finds he has no time for fishing !

    I suppose it would drive people wild to see us sexy wader wearing bloggers anyway -so in one way we are doing people a favour.

    Yegads, it is a curse I tells ya !!


  3. Emanuele · September 27, 2006

    next year I will be back full force…and I m gonna take so many pictures of you to create a book set to kick off your male modeling career…

    at the moment I am just gealous of your fishing….I always thought that i was never gonna be too busy for fishing…always thought “it’s not gonna happen to me”…..and now instead…the closest I can get to fishing is reading your blog…:(

  4. Alex · September 27, 2006


    Power-wading, definitely one for the adrenaline junkies, not very conducive to catching trout though. Lesson learnt!!
    Ok Ok, you were right- sometimes small streams really can throw up surprises. It certainly surprised me (a very pleasant surprise it was too!)
    Next time I will take some pics for you. Just make sure you catch some trout first!



  5. Alistair · September 27, 2006

    “Just make sure you catch some trout first”

    Yes yes, very amusing, I will have you know I was too busy taking in the atmosphere and looking at the wildlife 😉

    Next year, i am sure Emanuele will turn into a trout hunting machine thats sole purpose is to catch vast quanities of large(ish) trout!!


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