Bare bones n Balloons!

I reckon the Kelvin, or at least my end of it is now unfishable untill we get a little rain. Last night I went down to the river with Alex and for the 2nd time blanked. I did manage to rise a trout but it was very small, Alex also missed a smallish fish.
Someone must have been having a party though…..there was some baloons mixed into the reeds..
Maybe all the trout are away on holiday……..probably deep in the pools not using much oxygen and conserving energy. The water was very low……look at the weeds..

Usually, to get to that place where I am standing it is very difficult wading, in fact now that I come to think about it I have never actually been there before.
At sundown there was lots of tiny fish rising (minnows), that was when I lost the bigger trout…..when i say bigger…I mean maybe 6/7 inches. Was a bit concerned that there was no larger fish showing.

Rain rain…..where are yoooooooooooooooooo!!!!


  1. Shupac · July 26, 2005

    Nice blog!

    Hang in there through the dry spell. Here in Michigan, USA, we’re getting plenty of rain, but extremely high temperatures. Fortunately, there’s a good smallmouth bass stream that runs through my town, and the bass don’t seem to mind the heat.

  2. peter · July 26, 2005

    The balloons came from the Renault garage at Killermont bridge. They
    have them on cars in the forecourt.I fish the golf course frequently but
    blanked for the first time on Friday. Had 2 takes at the fly,but fish were
    really small.I’m going to Malta for 2weeks on Monday and hope it rains here for at least a week before I get back. There’s a bloody great cart-
    wheel and axle in the middle of the flow just up from the Kill.bridge,when
    I get back ,I’m going to have a go at shifting it.

  3. trampas · July 26, 2005

    i too was hoping for rain and it looked like it might happen, tonight had a wee jaunt to the vet school,a few rises most of them minnows,spent time practising my casting but still get problems,rain due saturday they to wigtonshire area at week end try a bit of bass fishing there.

    anybody over the pond know of a good rain dance routine

  4. Alistair · July 26, 2005

    So looks like it was not just a one off technique thing…me not catching !!

    Might go stocky bashing on Thursday !!


  5. Edward · July 26, 2005

    Hey, I can see that the drought is really affecting the water level in your country. Whereas here in Singapore, for the past few days, rain were flooding up drains here and there.

    Thank God that Singapore’s government has built an efficient drainage system throughout the island to prevent flash flood.

    In some water holes, water level rised above 20cm mark judging from the debris left behind by the water with reference to the norm.

    Hang in there.

  6. alan atkins · July 26, 2005

    we badly need rain !! or am i jus stating the obvious!!! Iiwas on the teith on tues nite and even the sea trout, who usually love the low water condiitons were not showing much.I

  7. alan atkins · July 26, 2005

    we badly need rain !! or am i jus stating the obvious!!! Iiwas on the teith on tues nite and even the sea trout, who usually love the low water condiitons were not showing much.I

  8. alan atkins · July 26, 2005

    To continue.In a bnig pool where last week we counted at least 20 sea trout in one nite only 2 showed,and as for the big summer salmon that the teith is famous for have not arrived yet.I think i will head up to loch fyne and fish for pollack and mackerel on the fly.I see that england is to get much rain this weekend so hopefully by the start of next week it will be with us.We need at least 5 days of good rain before i will wet a line again.I will be having a serious go for the seatrout once we get a rise in water,so ,again,if anyone is keen get in touch through the web site.News of the fish kill was somrewhat upsetting,however it is encouraging to see just how many good sized trout the kelvin holds,lets hope that at least some of the big boys survived.I always feel that the kelvin fishes best at the beginning and end of the seasion,so i would urge all responsible fishers to leave the trout alone until we get some oxygen back in to the water.iI know that rainbows will not feed below 3 dgrees or above 15 degrees water temp.Does anyone know about browns?

  9. Alistair · July 26, 2005

    There will still be plenty of trout in the river, at the moment they will be staying in the deep pools conserving energy and oxygen. I remmember the drought we had 2 years ago and after the first bit of rain the fishing was superb……remmember that ? 🙂

    Its funny though, as I fished another river last night and the fishing was superb, I think it is just the nature of the kelvin unfortunetlly

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