Bags of Shite!

Can I just point out that I do not mind dogs that much – I mean over the years I have been attacked by Rottweilers and have had to put up with my fair share of splashing dogs in my time however I do not hold anything against them (especially my crotch and on one memorable occasion my sons face).

Where were all the fishers?

However I was out for a walk along the Kelvin the other day and could not believe the amount of plastic bags full of shite that were discarded in the bushes next to the river.Dog owners picking up dog poo is a good thing – I cannot count the amount of times I have had to scrape the stuff off my shoe or even when climbing down the banks the stuff has got on my hands or something so when the new legislation came into force fining folk for not bagging and binning the stuff I was pretty happy. Problem is bagging the stuff does not seem to be a problem with some folk, taking it home and binning it is.

Bag o' shite

It appears what folk have now got into the habit of doing is taking there wee bag of shite and hanging it places out of reach of kids eyes (it makes them blind) – how thoughtful. It is obviously not just the odd person doing this as at one point on my wander I came across a mega shite bag..

Now that is what I call a bag of shite!

This was a bag which was filled with wee bags of shite – obviously this bag looks official enough that folk decided that it would be picked up by someone official – sadly I do not think Glasgow City Council employs an official shite bag picker upper.

Or do they?

I can feel a freedom of information request coming on!



  1. @thetroutfly · October 19, 2011

    I hate dogs, I hate there owners and I hate bags of shite, hate is probably too strong a word, maybe dislike would be better.

    I was quietly fishing my way up a lovely stretch of my local river last season when one of these bags of poo came flying through the air and landed with a plop right in front of me.

    I quickly ran up the bank to confront the idiot who threw it to find a respectable looking man in his 50’s, after a mouthful of pleasantries he vanished from my sight with a red face.

    I was at a clean upon my local river last week and there are red doggy poo bins everywhere but I still had to pick up dozens of poo filled bags, why put it in a bag if your not going to put the bag in a bin ???.

    They say dogs are like there owners, in my opinion all dogs are Stupid!

  2. StephenM · October 19, 2011

    Have to agree with you lads, inconsiderate dog owners really get on my nerves. Indeed I stopped fishing up at the vet school as I was fed up of my fishing being ruined by some idiot launching a ball in the water, or letting their dog swim beside me. Mind you,I’ve always fancied catching a labrador on the fly!!!

    I stay in quite a built up area, and there are plenty of dog owners who just take their mutts for a quick walk around the block and don’t clean up after them. So the net effect is that I walk around constantly staring at the bloody ground

    Rant over!!


  3. Mike · October 19, 2011


    …don’t get me started, I can feel the red mist rising already…

    It completely baffles me what people think they’re doing by leaving bags like that. Bizzare.

  4. Jim B · October 19, 2011

    Alistair,here in kirky they actually tie them to the feekin tree branched!along the Kelvin and along the canal.The first time i saw them was about this time 2 years ago,i thought some kids had been making christmas decorations and tying them to the trees,so i pulled one down and got shit all over my hand much to my wife`s amusement.

  5. DavieC · October 19, 2011

    I have two dogs and have to pick it up ,however i have never tied a bag of shite to a fence,branch or railin..there are bins for the bags just lazy people if u ask me..
    The future version of time team will be good when in 2000 years time they dig up plastic bags with fossilised dog shit thinking its some ancient ritual..

  6. bill · October 19, 2011

    will try to keep it short.bags of shite not put in bin is out of hand as the said shite degrades faster than the bag, i totally agree it is disgusting and i cant understand why so many eejits throw them wherever.but i feel being a person who hunts as well as fishes i must say that dog crap plays a very small part in the amount of feaces(especially the ones carrying parasites) i and others come into contact when out n about

  7. Paul Mac · October 19, 2011

    I don’t y but after reading this story and all your comments every time I see bag of shite I cannot help but laugh especially alistair “bag o’shite” lol for the Irish readers very thoughtful alistair. Also I’ve never really understood this picking up the shite puting it it a bag then lobbing it in this bush or stuffing in a hedge. Surely stuffing in a hedge is for the wilder shite discarded who does not fear the bits bag and a stinky finger. Its kind of the same theory on cleaning up as a child you just throw all your stuff under the bed and it fills up an up until finally you need to clean properly.are these shite baggers one day going to snap and go round picking up all these wee bags of shite and make one of alistairs “bag o’shites” sponsored by tesco. Who knows????

  8. Scott · October 19, 2011

    In the Borders they call the decorations in the trees WITCHES KNICKERS( which seem to appear after a snow melt ?) . Foul !

  9. Alistair · October 19, 2011

    I wouldn’t mind so much however there is usually a bin somewhere on the route!

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