Back to the burn..

Back to the burn I fished the other day however no rod with me as it was just a recon mission. I had googled the burn on google maps and found a likely looking spot which I thought may have good access – turns out I was wrong,very wrong!

You can see the river through the trees – I think I am actually standing on the true riverbed as the river appears to be flowing over concrete.

There is no way anyone could actually fish here as it is so overgrown and wild. I do not think a lot of people come here as I found some rough sleeping camps – I heard some rustling in the bushes so I knew that I had disturbed someone. During the hot weather it is fairly typical to run into these camps. A piece of tarpaulin and sometimes and old blanket are all these folk can count on not getting stolen while they are out begging. Sadly lots of people with mental health problems are unable to get it together to get some support and get a roof over their heads. If you see a rough sleeper you know that they have lots of problems that stop them engaging in ordinary society.

Not good for dress trousers and shoes.

If I had been in my fishing gear I would have made it further however eventually the jaggy bushes drove me back – walking with dress shoes and suit trousers really is not the best.

This burn has been in my mind a lot recently as I used to pass by it much further upstream on my way to a loch in the hills above Clydebank and never really thought about it seriously for trout . However after that ball I had the other day and the fact the Kelvin is still out of action I feel it deserves a full on assault.

The reason behind my thinking is that as it is fed by a reservoir it should not be affected as much by the rain as other rivers.

Any of you guys been out fishing at all?


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  1. Mark · August 11, 2012


    issappointed at the state of the river recently and am still considering some wild fishing up in the hills,

    I left my jacket on the riverbank some time ago its an old army jacket ( from the Flaklands actually. Did anyone happen across it?

  2. Alistair · August 11, 2012

    I have been away for a few days has it cleared any?

    Paul found a problem upriver which was causing large amounts of clay to enter the river and colour it up – is it clearer ?

    Damn shame about your jacket – I assume you have went back for a good hunt for it ?

  3. Mark · August 11, 2012

    TBH I only realised yesterday I left it on the bank when i came out with you and Jim.

  4. Alistair · August 11, 2012

    Nope, we did not even come across it that night. Are you sure you brought it with you I cannot remember you wearing a jacket? I have been back to that stretch a few times since then however do not remember seeing a jacket around – head down for a look, you might be lucky!

  5. Mark · August 11, 2012

    Thanks Alistair I will also look in the garage, on the floor of the car and somewhere “safe” i might have put it…lol