April 1st – Spring Trip

What a strange day we had fishing yesterday. We decided to hit our other favourite river for a full day session.

We arrived on the water at around 0900 and it was cold- the sun was out and it was a clear blue sky (always a bad sign) but there was a cold wind. It was so cold in fact that I had to go and put my jacket on over my fleece.


Suffice to say, a couple of grayling played with my dry fly and I felt one “whum whum whum” on a nymph under an indicator before it was off. There were large amounts of stoneflies on the water which I thought looked mighty tasty and the odd Large Dark Olive drifted past unmolested by any trout – “what the hell” we thought ” If I was a trout I would gobble them up. Alex found a stick covered in nymphs and snails.

At least it looks like spring has in fact sprung, by 12 there was horseflies on the field and some butterflies dancing around the banks – it really was rather nice.

Mike showed up at around 12 with his brother Steven (mini Mike) – Mike proceeded to show us some rather acrobatic trick casts which I tried to take a video of but came out rubbish. We wandered back to the car and up the road with thoughts around from here on in it only gets better. Possible the next time I will be fishing will be next Monday- I am going off to sunny Birmingham for the weekend with some possible walks planned.

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