…another winter nearly over, another half dozen balloon caddis tied, another weekend earning brownie points by not going fishing, another 28 days until the brown trout season starts, another blank fly fishing for Pike last weekend (reckon its too cold), another dozen comparaduns tied, another trip into town to gaze at the new camera I desperately want, another UCAPA permit bought, another sportfish catalogue drops through my door, another fly line needed, another…




  1. Paul Lee · February 16, 2008

    Sorry Alistair hijacking your blog again but still can`t contact you via the contact link..

    Hi Alistair 26days to go woohoo anyways as i already contacted you Re: meeting you some day for a fish on the Kelvin i was wondering if you could do a blog about the best / most suitable equiptment and flies for river fishing i realise that the fly selection can work one day and fail miserably the next but in your experience what kind of flies are beginners to river fishing wanting to purchase / tie as you know the entomology of Scottish rivers as i am led to believe that there are a lot of flies you can buy which just might not be as suitable for Scottish waters as they would be in say England also have you ever considered putting a fly tying section with pictures on your site??? just a thought


  2. Alistair · February 16, 2008

    Hey Paul – don’t worry about hijacking the blog as I enjoy receiving comments.

    I suppose the reason I don’t put much technical info on the blog as it is a diary as opposed to an information giving site – I tell people what rods, flies and techniques I use in passing – if it helps people then that’s great ?
    Saying that I am always happy to point people in the right direction with rods lengths and weights – essentially an 8 to 9 foot rod rated for a 4/5 line is ideal. I use an old entry level Greys GRX 8’6 4/5 which is an excellent dry fly rod – I love it – I think you can still pick them up on ebay for around £50. The other rod I use is a 7 foot bamboo rod rated for a 4 weight line – I keep that for nice summer evenings though!
    I never use my Sage SLT 9 foot 5 weight on the Kelvin – I would feel over gunned.

    I see what you mean about flies though it can be mighty confusing about what flies to use – tell you what – give me a week and I will write a post about the five main flies that I tie and use.

    How’s that ?

  3. Paul · February 16, 2008

    cheers alistair that will be great

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