Anglers urged to put back salmon – Lord Kelvin senses trouble!

So anglers in Scotland are being urged to put back all spring salmon caught due to the runs collapsing – tragic – to be fair I think all Salmon in the Kelvin should be returned – the fact yer granny likes a bit of salmon is not good enough an excuse in my book to kill a fish that will potentially bring many more back to the river.

I wonder how the Salmon season will be this year on the Kelvin? – the runs are usually cyclical – some good and some bad – they have been good for the last couple of years – I predict either a bad year this year or a terrible one next year. 

Unfortunately this will be when the members of the Kelvin have just been asked to pay an increase in permit prices. 


Lord Kelvin ponders the consequences

Lord Kelvin ponders the consequences

Lets see how it goes!

BBC Link – Anglers Urged to Put Back Salmon