And Now For Some Great Scottish Muzic!

Ok – I am away on holidays for a bit – hopefully catching Bass, Mackeral and Sea Trout off the Cornish Coast or quite possibly catching Carp, Roach and Tench in a stocked pond.

So, no posts for a bit however I thought I would push you to buy some Scottish bands which I think are simply fantastic.

Four great Scottish bands which are well worth a listen !


  1. Tony · July 24, 2009

    Yeah, I’m a real fan of Big Country. Remember listening to them on a Walkman in the early 1980s when running in hill races. Also like Runrig.

    Must get my Big Country album out again!

  2. john r · July 24, 2009

    Aye Big Country rock! They are my fave band of all time.seen them live many times in glasgow.
    you should check out the cd the remaining band members recorded last year called “in our name”

  3. Roddy · July 24, 2009

    You’ve just went right down the tubes in my estimation mate…I mean Bell & Sebastian?! I thawt that only wee lassies (with no musical taste) or nancy boys listened to guff like them! Your only lifebelt is Big Country: think that lead singer came fae Birmingham (or somewhere like that) originally before gaun tae Dunfermilne. If your ever in the Scotia in Glasgow look for a band called The Halos who play in there from time to time. As an old rocking roadie (Roddie the Roadie) back in the 70s; its nice to hear a decent band now and again…the type of band that can play what their holding in their hands!
    PS, Stuart (B) you must be behind the times mate…that film re about the mating pike was on telly ages ago…you’ll need to watch more wildlife programmes more often. The recent one about the grizzly bears kicking the dead salmon off the bottom of the river (in Alaska) was excellent…did you see it?

  4. theswami · July 24, 2009

    I went to a gig last year in fairfields working mens club in govan, malcolm middleton out of arab strap was the headline but the phantom band were one of the supports and they were ace. . As for belle and sebastian, I think the red album – if you’re feeeling sinister – is far superior to anything else (bar the dog on wheels ep) they’ve done. And as for tench fishing! My top hobbies on facebook are listed as sharkin’ tenchin’ n pikin’. You’re a man after my own heart old boy. Are you gonna get the fly rod with a sinking line out for mackerel. I’ve never tried it but surely it must be fun

  5. alan atkins · July 24, 2009

    Stevie and Chris from Belle and Sebastian used to be my kitchen porters when i was a chef many moons ago, both really good guys, although i’m not a fan of their music. I saw Big Country many times and Stuart Adamson’s passing was a great loss to the music industry.

  6. Alistair · July 24, 2009

    Tony and John – if you like Big Country then check out Twilight Sad – fantastic Scotttish band – it is just a pity the far inferior Glasvegas get all the limelight.

    I would love to see the phantom band live !!

  7. Roddy · July 24, 2009

    You must be in some kind of huff with me as you’ve never replied to me for ages…am I dumped?!?!?
    Sorry about the Belle & Sebastian comments but they are totally guff…maybe you should do some exploring of the best decade for bands e.g. the late 60s and through the early 70s and listen to some real music played by Free, Bad Company, Focus, Led Zepplin or Pink Floyd etc and one two of my personal favourites like Jimy Hendrix, Johnny Winter (along with Rick Derringer), Mann and Carlos Santana. The only annoying thing about the 70s was that theres were too many good bands and I could not afford to buy all the records – yep, records, remember them?!?
    How were the hols in Devon (or was it Cornwall?)

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