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Well, if I had to look at success with my pike fishing today by the number of fish hooked – I would say it was an excellent day with around a half dozen caught. However if success was how many I actually landed then I would have to say – none. The Pike were in a playful mood playing with my fly and with very gentle takes – for some reason they just did not stay on.

One memorable moment came when I lost my biggest ever Pike on the fly – well when I say lost I mean it was on and off again in the space of around 10 seconds, I was casting towards some weeds and suddenly the dinosaur shot out and ambushed the fly – if I was to estimate its size I would say in the high teens. My rod was bent double – it ripped out line and then was gone.

I doubt anyone will be fishing the rivers today what with all the rain – all the streams I passed had burst their banks.


  1. Andy · August 20, 2008

    hey alistair, planning on hitting the pike on friday. All your antics this week sound like just too much fun! This August has been a wash out, killed the river fishing. We even resorted to a stocked fishery last week.

  2. Eduardo Sanchez · August 20, 2008

    Best luck next time!

  3. Wade · August 20, 2008

    Alistair, Thanks for posting your pike fishing. I have been trying to get andy (above post) to go for weeks. mainly because he has been catching trout lately and i haven’t. Now all of a sudden looks like we get to go pike fishing. Thanks for showing you can catch pike on the fly in August.

  4. Alistair · August 20, 2008

    Its great fun – just make sure your gear is up to the job – you can get away with a 7 weight in the canal however if you are going to be fishing a loch then a 9 weight is a minimum – Pike are absolute monsters when they attack however they can go belly up if you play them too long – you need to bully them in and then let em’ go with a minimum of fuss πŸ™‚

  5. Paul · August 20, 2008

    That sure is a lovely pikey looking piece of water Alistair.
    Unlucky with the big girl.Sounds like one of those days-next time you may well land every one you hook.At least you were deceiving them into taking your fly,surely thats the most important thing.
    The rivers and burns are going to be out of order for at least a few days so I reckon il be chasing toothy critters too.
    Hope im as successful as you’ve been lately.

  6. Andy · August 20, 2008

    πŸ™‚ I can’t believe it took a post on Pike to finally get you to comment Wade. I get kinda jittery just thinking about hooking something over 10lb on the fly……………

  7. Alistair · August 20, 2008

    Tell you something Andy – I almost did when the big girl hit my fly – part of me was thinking “just what the hell am I gonna do with this thing”

  8. mike · August 20, 2008

    Sounds like a fascinating morning Alistair.. wish I could have been there πŸ™

    Next time.

  9. Andy C · August 20, 2008

    unlucky way that hope i get a bit of luck this weekend not lookin forward 2 the rain i hope i dont float away in my tent

  10. alan atkins · August 20, 2008

    Unlike most of the posts above, iam relishing the wet weather !! The rivers will be in fine fettle for the king of fish this weekedn as i start my onslaught on the autumn runners. I managed a couple of hours on the river yesterday and was shocked to see that it was not running high but seemed not to have been effected by the rain. This is the thing to remember about summer rain – it can be very localised. The river i fish is about 45 mins from Glasgow and although all the rivers and burns were hige on the way up, i arrived to find the river if anything a bit on the thin side. I did, however, managed to winkle out a grilse of about 6lbs on the flee, which, although coloured, put up a good scrap before being safely returned. Catching any fish of double figures or more on the single hander is an achievement but requires patience and skill to land. Two weeks ago i landed my biggest fish to date on the trout rod, it was a very strong 13.5lb fresh run salmon which took me to the backing twice!! Iam now beginning to take an interest in Pike as although they wont have the speed or strength of a salmon or double figured sea trout, they would certainly provide excellent sport. However, i would certainly echo Alistair’s comments that you must be properly equiped for the job in hand. Pike are supprisingly delicate creatures and should be played hard and realised as soon as possible, otherwise their chances of survival can be slim.

  11. Wade · August 20, 2008

    Do i hear a product idea here…”Pike Diapers for Men. for men that fish that catch double digit Pike.
    comfortable to wear, and easily hidden in bulky waders. Shipped direct to your door and packaged in beer boxes to keep the fragile ego in tacked. Pike Diapers, don’t get caught with out them.”
    I have seen some You Tube videos of some guy catching pike that might could have used such a product.

  12. Alistair · August 20, 2008

    Good idea Wade – those beasts are enough to scare something out of you πŸ™‚

  13. Andy · August 20, 2008

    Wade and I hit the pike today. Needed the Diapers.

  14. Alistair · August 20, 2008

    I expect a post in the forum πŸ™‚ with pictures…

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