Ahem – Pike Time!

The summer is almost over – everything seems a little old now, the grass is not so green and I disrupted a mushroom picker in the bushes the other day – he was talking to himself which was all a bit awkward – “Are you lost?” I asked him (he was an incredibly fat man who had just thrown half a tree onto a small dirt path I was walking down – it just missed me, he looked gobsmacked to see me gazing up at his impressive bulk) – “No, I am mushroom picking” he said – all very odd.

Anyway, this all puts me in the mood for Pike – the roach are shoaling in the canal which means they should be shoaling in the lochs which means the mummy and daddy pike will want to get fat for winter before having some pike sex again in the spring.

In preparation for this hot Pike action in the Autumn can I recommend you chaps buy this book from Amazon:

Failing that I have heard good things about this one and is more UK focused:


Meanwhile, I am busy watching the dusk getting closer to the time I get home from work.


  1. Allan · August 27, 2011

    Yeah! summer is almost over.A sure sign is that my September issue of T&S came through my letterbox today. I noticed that your very good blog got a mention in it. Page 83. In a feature of the best 9 best fishing blogs, strange number that …. A top 9.

    Cheers, Allan.

  2. Alistair · August 27, 2011

    Thanks for letting me know Allan – I trust your good self got a mention as well?

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