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Good Times! (2 comments)
The wife uses it! […]

2016-12-09 19:02:16
Some LRF action at least! (6 comments)
What do you mean? “Removers of tackle”? […]

2016-10-04 19:16:44
What time is it ? (4 comments)
those waders look far to clean and healthy […]

2016-09-21 17:09:01
How to fix a felt sole which has fallen off! (11 comments)
how u doing Alistair I hope wife and kids all doing wel […]

2016-09-21 16:40:12
New fins arrived! (1 comments)
Hi there I’m just getting into float tubing and wondere […]

2016-08-23 17:04:21
Ari T Hart – for those that can afford them ? (88 comments)
i have around 50 new boxed ari reels are you trying to […]

2016-06-28 18:24:17
Assholes spoil my day! (21 comments)
We tried that – they do not actually turn up! […]

2016-06-21 20:25:56
No fish all year! (3 comments)
I looked into the eyes of Death itself Jim.

I told […]

2016-06-03 22:06:01
Highland Blanks (1 comments)
If the blanks ever balance out the good sessions, we ar […]

2016-05-08 23:02:51
Happy Something or other! (3 comments)
3 kids πŸ™‚ […]

2016-04-16 20:26:18
Fly Fishing the River Irwell and other Streams (1 comments)
Thanks for the heads up to my blog glad you like it..

2015-11-27 20:14:49
No Comments. (1 comments)
Ahh.. the white cliffs of Dover .. or is it snow? […]

Marcel Karssies
2015-11-23 21:37:48
Well, that was the season that was! (1 comments)
Wellllll, I didn’t have any new kids (mine just turned […]

2015-11-07 03:09:04
Outraged in Kirkintilloch (5 comments)
I think Mr.Outraged could spend his time better taking […]

2015-09-13 19:11:55
Quick Visits… (4 comments)
Cheers Jack! […]

2015-09-08 20:26:33
Tap tap tap… (2 comments)
Thanks for commenting Stephen ! It was a lovely wee spo […]

2015-09-04 19:07:02
Weekenders (1 comments)
Great photos! And belated Congratulations on child num […]

flyfishingprof / Chuck Graves
2015-08-05 23:19:03
Double Trouble Tubetastic (7 comments)
I know it’s fly only and its catch and release . What I […]

Stephen Sey
2015-07-19 21:05:12
Brief Rod Waving (1 comments)
I hope you have more success with the FishHunter than t […]

The Apiarist
2015-07-12 08:35:39
Micro trout and midge madness (4 comments)
I regularly do all 3 with a rod in my hand πŸ™‚ […]

2015-07-06 17:48:11
Grab it when you can – in other words missed opportunities turn out all right in the end. (4 comments)
This might help. Both appear to be Pollack.
http://br […]

Stuart _B
2015-06-25 09:49:38
What is this? (3 comments)
Hi Alistair, I catch a lot of small red codling as well […]

2015-06-20 00:03:54
First steps with LRF (3 comments)
I thought it was a Coalish!

Told ya I knew nowt about […]

2015-06-15 22:33:49
New net finally christened. (6 comments)
Well It’s the length of the net head, how long is that? […]

2015-06-14 18:45:35
Blunders and DIY (3 comments)
Is that schiehallion in the background? Was up fishing […]

Alan Robertson
2015-06-10 09:25:46
Kelvin comes up trumps…. (5 comments)
I would say that is a very successful first trip!! […]

Loomis Dude
2015-05-22 01:43:45
I bought a weird net! (1 comments)
Me too, keep looking at the sea temps, can’t wait! […]

Colin Wilson
2015-04-18 21:35:39
My most favourite sight… (3 comments)
walking over the brow of a hill to the river and seeing […]

steve cullen
2015-04-17 10:56:05
A Desolate Wasteland (3 comments)
I often used to forget to zip up, but I am of an age no […]

Minnow Muncher
2015-04-10 12:32:25
House of Bruar Single Malt (2 comments)
Oh I think whisky and fishing comlpliment each other be […]

Allan Hutton
2015-04-04 09:21:52