A Walk along the Leven

So I found myself taking a stoat along beside the River Leven today as it was on my journey.
I seen a couple of Salmon fly fishers out and a fair few bait and spin fishers too. I came up to the barrage gates and wondered whether this place was still hammered by bait fisherman. They used to line up and growl at anyone that was not in the “in crowd” who tried to fish there, I would swear they did it in shifts.
I could never see the fun in it myself !
I had a wee look at Robbies site and found my answer, looks like good news to me.

The barrage at Balloch, the top most pool, was in the past the most popular spot on the river because the fish had to slow down to pass it before entering the Loch. Illegal fishing, and anglers standing shoulder to shoulder, was the norm which led to the Bailiffs putting obstacles in the water to prevent fishing. This is a place that is rarely frequented now

Sounds good to me !