A Troutastic Day Out!

I had a day on the big river on Sunday – my pal Emanuele was up from Hull for a long weekend and we arranged to meet up for a day’s fishing – we used to fish this place regularly a few years ago.

The day was overcast and warm – at least warm enough for some insect activity, it was also showery and a bit windy. The river was at a good height and a nice tinge of color – perfect conditions if the truth be told.

A wee troot!

I arrived early at 0830 and started fishing – I missed a few trout due to either being too fast or too slow and decided to fish with the duo (a nymph suspended under a dry fly) I finally started to pick up tout and had a half dozen in the space of an hour – on the whole a great start – no big trout however usual Clyde tout with lots of spots.

They got bigger...

Emanuale arrived with his pal David so we got stuck in to dry flies – I walked down river to give them a bit of space and started to pick up trout fairly consistently on dries – the drag was pretty hard going and it took a while for the mental calculations you usually take for granted to kick back into action however soon I had pretty much worked it out.

A lovely side pocket...

I caught well over a dozen trout – the average was maybe half a pound with the biggest maybe ¾ of a pound that took me on a merry dance around a small pool and then downstream into some fast water – what complicated matters was the fact I had managed to decide not to bring a net – nice one!

A Beefcake..

Later in the afternoon I received a phone call from fishing buddy (and kindred spirit with young son the same age as my own) Campbell who was out for a drive with his boy – he came down to the river to join us  – he had a few casts with my rod and caught a trout – he then had the cheek to insist that the flies I was using were too big and that I should use some of his microscopic bits of fluff – Emanuele is over there I was going to tell him (Emanuele loves teeny flies) however resisted.

Watch that back cast....

Flies too big eh? It still managed to catch him a trout – oh yes!

Oh don't worry I got both you and the trout in the photo - the expression on your face is fine - you look happy (that will teach ya for slagging of my gigantor comparaduns)

You know – I actually feel a caption competition coming on 🙂

Anyhoo – meanwhile the Italian stallion was busy hoovering up trout in the bushes..

The Micro King..

All in all it was a great days fishing – it was a long day – fishing from 0830 – 1630 with hardly a stop – I think I may have caught more trout in that one day than I have in the last year combined – fishing life used to be like this – almost every other trip was like this – these days travel time eats into the few hours free that I have to get out and catch trout- family life comes to us all eh?


A Nice Frog...

Oh Aye – on my way back to the car I ran into this wee chap – just chilling and taking in the view – he looked absolutely perfect !


  1. Alex · July 27, 2010

    Wee flees or no – the guy is fishing with a baby strapped to his back. Credit due! Looks like a great day out, the trout there are beautiful.

  2. northernfly · July 27, 2010

    Great report and pics. Sounds like an excellent day fishing.

  3. Hillend Dabbler · July 27, 2010

    Great article. Looks a teriffic day out among the fish

  4. Ewen · July 27, 2010

    I seem to be enjoying something of a surrogate fishing experience through your recent brilliant blogs. Makes me want to go fishing REAL bad. Which reminds me……..

  5. charlie123 · July 27, 2010

    Hmmmm….Perhaps if you applied as much effort on the kelvin as you do on the clyde you may actually get somewhere-just a thought…

  6. Alistair · July 27, 2010

    Thanks for all the kind comments 🙂

    Charlie – you missed out two words….”might actually get somewhere WITH SALMON”

    You know I am a die hard trout angler – you are a die hard Salmon angler. Atkins the other day kept telling me the trout season was over and I bet a lot of the guys on the Kelvin are thinking the same – to me after all that rain it has just begun – the trout are feeding properly again at last.

  7. charlie123 · July 27, 2010

    Mibees i’m wrong here Ally but the last posts would seem to suggest that any success with trout you get is on the CLYDE-not the kelvin-anybody would think your forum should dwell mostly on the clyde-seeing as how you dont fish the kelvin-or when you do you dont seem to catch much…..

  8. Alistair · July 27, 2010

    Ah – now I see – it is good to get that feedback as often I forget how the blog looks and what my fishing life actually looks like … I suppose the key thing to keep in mind is I do not post every time I fish … for example I have fished the clyde once and fished the kelvin twice since the last post ..the clyde was ok and one of the kelvin trips was pretty good … I fished the vet school of all places 🙂
    Up until the rains the kelvin fished poorly for trout and then I lost my way and had a bash for salmon ..poorly!

    The key is Charlie that there ain’t no hard and fast rules to when and what I post!

    Might be worth your while reading the about page for further clarification 🙂

  9. charlie123 · July 27, 2010

    No need Ally-I know what your all about.

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