A Good Days Fishing?

For some folk a good days fishing involves a look at some flowers, casting a dry to a rising trout or two  – maybe even a nip of whisky. Every inch of mono is safely put away in a pocket to be disposed of later so that the riverside is not polluted !

For others it involves some wank mags, a tub of maggots and some booze in an Asda bag.

Ingredients of a great days fishing!

Ingredients of a great days fishing!

I now understand where I am going wrong!


  1. Alex-C · August 8, 2009

    Are you sure the maggots didnt come out of the wank mag?

  2. shanksi · August 8, 2009

    Now what are you giving up Alistair, the mags, maggots or booze?

  3. Alistair · August 8, 2009

    That one is easy Shanksi – the maggots!

  4. Andy C · August 8, 2009


  5. Roddy · August 8, 2009

    Awe, the fair weather anglers (and their artistic flair – litter to others!) is upon us once again.
    A few years back (and while beginning to think that I had Andys Pool all to myself) a groan from the near startled me…a young guy (I say young, I mean young e.g. about 13 or 14) and his equally young girlfriend were mating within (as it turned out) full view of the houses on the opposite side of the river…I had not noticed them for the low branches of the tree that ‘once’ was there. While dogs shagging is funny for milli-seconds, folk shagging (in the public sense) is really off putting, however, they never left litter…a bonus of sorts!

  6. David · August 8, 2009

    When I was a young lad the discovery of a Penthouse or Mayfair in the bushes was attributed to the “porn fairies” and treated with great excitement by us all. Kids today don’t know the excitement of seeing a bit of out of focus lady bits along with articles about the new Ford Capri. Another thing the internet has ruined for youngsters today…

  7. Alistair · August 8, 2009

    And in those days all the youngsters all knew the bush hideaway they were kept – noone ever took em’ home!

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